Peter Singer, on the StartGiving podcast, welcomes the emergence of a new norm of generosity in people who have acquired wealth relatively quickly.
Peter Singer, talking on the StartGiving podcast, explains why giving should never be considered a guilty pleasure, it's a praiseworthy one.
A StartGiving vodcast with Peter Singer about what it means for tech founders to live an ethical life and the pleasure of giving.
Peter Singer chats about what it means to live an ethical life, the emergence of a new norm of generosity and the pleasure of giving.
Daniel Petre AO has been named by the Federal Government as a member of the new National Reconstruction Fund Board.
StartGiving strongly supports a YES vote on the Voice to Parliament.
Major donors who give at more modest levels play an important role in Australia’s social purpose sector.
Although their wealth is in a league of its own, there are valuable lessons to learn from billionaire US tech founder/philanthropists' approach to giving.
“What a great privilege to have resources to be able to give away.”
Bill Gates shares the benefits of giving now, rather than waiting until later in life.
A StartGiving vodcast with Bill Gates and Daniel Petre on philanthropy and the opportunity it presents for Australian tech founders.
Bill Gates chats with Daniel Petre on the fulfilment philanthropy brings, the benefits of giving now, and how much founders should consider giving away.
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