“AirTree is delighted to support StartGiving and its goal to change the culture of giving in the technology sector. With so much need in the world, we can all step up to do more.”

“Antler believes that the act of giving has the ability to create a positive domino effect throughout society. So, while we give founders the support they need to build and scale from day zero, their success is ultimately found in how they give back to the world. This is why we’re proud to be part of StartGiving’s mission to embed impact, responsibility, and philanthropy into every founder’s journey.”

“In the grand arena of humanity, philanthropy is the ultimate team sport. StartGiving is creating a culture where every assist, every donation, and every act of kindness propels us towards a victory called a better world.”

“Our founders have big ambitions for the world. It fuels their products and businesses, and for many, it also fuels a desire to give back. We’re excited to see StartGiving offer up such valuable support to founders looking to give and reduce the frictions of taking their first step.” 

“Brandon Capital is delighted to endorse StartGiving’s mission. Empowering successful founders with the education and resources they need to embrace a culture of giving will positively influence the next generation of entrepreneurs and ultimately the nation.”

“Carthona is pleased to support StartGiving as they strive to change the culture of giving in Australia. Our founders are at the global forefront of changing the world, and for many of them, this will include charity. StartGiving provides these founders with the first stepping stones in their journey of giving.”

“The ultimate measure of our success as a community is our willingness to support those less fortunate. EVP is proud to support StartGiving in its mission to entrench a culture of giving in Australia, with successful technology founders at the forefront of the movement. Congrats to the StartGiving team for taking on and successfully driving this most important of initiatives.”

“Flying Fox founders continue to impress us with their desire to have an outsized impact on their customers, communities, and the world around them. StartGiving gives our founders practical ways to think about executing their philanthropic vision now, rather than waiting for a big exit. It’s empowering for them to know they can start their giving journey from Day 1, with the potential for that impact to grow exponentially alongside their business.”
Rachael Neumann, Founding Partner, Flying Fox Ventures

“Folklore is pleased to support StartGiving in changing the culture of giving in tech by helping founders in our community establish their own philanthropic journeys in a considered and impactful way.”

“Our founders are lucky enough to have found their gift in life; we hope that – with StartGiving’s support – their purpose can become to give it away.”

“I enjoy a good life, but many others are not so lucky and suffer deeply. I am a superfan of StartGiving and its mission to inspire the Australian tech community to give more philanthropically and help those in need. Jelix is delighted to offer our support.”
Andrea Gardiner, Founder & CEO, Jelix Ventures

“Tech founders and the start-up and venture sectors lead the way in so many areas of business, culture and innovation, so it’s important we also take a lead in giving back to wider communities. We are delighted to be supporting StartGiving and encouraging a new wave of philanthropy through the industry. Together we can have a meaningful impact improving the lives and welfare of so many.”

“The StartGiving team provides founders with useful tools and learnt experience in the journey of giving. Macdoch Ventures is pleased to support StartGiving and its goal of changing the culture of philanthropy in the technology sector.”

“Main Sequence supports StartGiving’s mission and its goal to change the culture of giving. We’re right behind making giving by tech founders the norm and the expectation.”

“NAB Ventures is fully supportive of StartGiving and their mission to change the culture of charitable giving in the innovation sector and make giving back by tech founders the norm.”

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that people who are givers, are much happier than people who are takers. One of the benefits of building a successful company has been the opportunity for our family to support those who may not have had the same lucky breaks and good fortune that we have had. OIF VC is happy to introduce our founders to StartGiving. We know that they’re best in class and will expertly guide our founders, once ready for the giving journey, through the process of establishing their personal charitable foundations. Congrats to the StartGiving team on this amazing initiative.” 
David Shein, Partner, OIF Ventures

“OneVentures is delighted to support StartGiving on its mission to change the culture of giving. StartGiving’s program is game-changing for philanthropic giving, guiding our transformative founders to establish their own personal charitable foundations using the significant value they have built in the unrealised shareholding in their companies, committing now for a lifetime of future giving.’’

“As a fund that has supported technology founders for a decade, Rampersand is proud to support StartGiving. Integrating philanthropy into a founder’s growth journey supports a desire to give back to the community, creating a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future for all.”

“We recognise the crucial role of philanthropy in shaping a better world – charitable giving should be an intrinsic part of the venture and startup ecosystem, rather than the exception. We wholeheartedly support StartGiving and its initiative to rewrite the norms of giving in the innovation space and encourage all founders to join their endeavour.”

“Square Peg is proud to support StartGiving in its mission to change the culture of giving in the innovation community. With decades of experience guiding philanthropy, the StartGiving team are well positioned to help successful tech founders on their giving journey.”

“We fully support StartGiving and its mission to transform the culture of giving in the technology sector. This program is excellent for founders embarking on their giving journeys – eliminating barriers and inspiring them to take the first step. We’re proud to work with StartGiving to realise its goal of revolutionising giving in the tech industry and establishing philanthropic endeavours in a thoughtful and impactful manner.”
Wendell Keuneman, General Partner, Tidal