Why give


You’re built this way

As a VC, our founder, Daniel Petre, has spent many years working with start-ups. He reckons that tech founders are a different breed. You think fast, move fast and want to achieve: fast. This innate need for success is coupled with being more socially progressive than your counterparts in the traditional economy. You’ve worked hard and taken risks, but many of you don’t believe you deserve the tens (or even hundreds) of millions of dollars in equity you’ve now accumulated. You want to leave the world better than when you found it.
Female founder in bright space looking directly at camera

Giving now has more impact

It’s in your nature to move quickly, so why not give sooner rather than later? Getting money in the hands of the causes you’re passionate about now creates impact that compounds. But delaying your giving has a cost too.

If you have the means to put a kid through school, help find a cure for a genetic disease or provide a village with clean water, but don’t, there are real consequences for that kid, that family or that village.

StartGiving guides tech founders through the process of donating cash and/or equity in your company to support the causes you care about now.

Where to give?

There are tens of thousands of organisations working to alleviate suffering, create opportunities for people experiencing disadvantage and move the dial on complex problems like the climate crisis.

Whether your giving is led by effective altruism – calculating the maximum impact your dollar can have – or your own lived experience, you can create a lasting impact wherever you choose to give.

Think of the PAF as your MVP. The sooner you start giving, the faster you will learn what brings you joy. And when your company goes public, is acquired or signs your millionth customer, you’ll have some giving experience under your belt to deploy some next-level grants to charity. 

As part of our service, StartGiving can also introduce you to like-minded people to discuss how and where to give.