Head of Design, Sonder & General Partner, Tidal Ventures 

Founded by Tash and Wendell Keuneman in 2014, the Keuneman Foundation believes that the world can get to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. To help reach this goal, the Foundation backs clean-energy advocacy, thought-leadership and lobbying for awareness and legislature change, innovative clean-energy and decarbonisation projects, and initiatives that empower women and girls through education and family planning. 

Tash and Wendell, serial tech entrepreneurs, had similar childhood paths, ten years apart. Both were born in Sri Lanka, had a short stint in Dubai and have lived the bulk of their lives in Australia. Across Australia and the United States, their careers at various companies were built on setting up businesses for success, with a focus on product, design and technology. 

“We believe that good ideas, when well-funded, can have multiplier effects. Humanity can and must push itself forward to look after the planet in the relatively short time frame that we have to reduce carbon emissions.” 

Tash and Wendell Keuneman