Managing Director, Payments Consulting Network and Merchant Advisory

Mangala Martinus is Managing Director at Payments Consulting Network and Merchant Advisory and has been working in the financial services, payments and fintech sectors for over 30 years. He is passionate about giving back to the community, which he does through his charitable foundation as well as volunteering, mentoring and pro-bono work for grass roots charities both in Australia and overseas.

Over time, Mangala’s philanthropic giving has evolved from him being focusing on making money to give it away, to being more hands-on. In addition to being a financial supporter of the UTS humanitarian scholarship program, for example, Mangala also mentors students and entrepreneurs from refugee backgrounds. He is also an advocate for speaking publicly about giving to inspire others to give too and has done several keynote presentations, panel discussions, podcasts, and articles about his approach to giving. 

“I’ve found, using my network, I’ve been able to have a bigger impact than I ever thought I could.”

Mangala Martinus