Dr Michael Cahill

Founder, WiredTiger 

Dr. Michael Cahill is a tech leader and entrepreneur, best known for his role as Vice President of Engineering at MongoDB and as the founder of WiredTiger. Michael and his wife, Rachel, give to a variety of environmental and conservation causes through their sub-fund in the Community Impact Foundation. 

With a PhD in transaction processing, he has left a lasting mark on the database landscape, contributing to features like multi-version concurrency control, including the core algorithm used in PostgreSQL. Michael is deeply engaged in the startup ecosystem. As a startup founder, angel investor, and advisory board member, he enjoys mentoring budding entrepreneurs through early-stage growth.  
Additionally, he applies his experience to empower small NGOs working to protect nature and sits on the board of Environment Tasmania. 

“Engaging with philanthropy and learning how to effectively support causes we care about has enriched our lives and given us a purpose as our relationship with work has changed and our children become independent.” 

Rachel and Michael Cahill