StartGiving backs YES vote

Imagine building a technology company without asking your customers what they want or need. Decade after decade, the business fails – but still gets funding – despite not delivering for its target market.

Sounds crazy, right?

Billions of government dollars have been wasted on First Nations peoples’ initiatives that were not designed in consultation with the people they were intended to serve. As a result, generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have missed out on health, education, employment, and housing opportunities.

By voting ‘Yes’ to the referendum on the Voice, you can help enshrine in our Constitution that First Nations peoples are heard on the issues that affect their communities. The Voice will ensure that government policies and programs for First Nations peoples are better targeted and make a practical difference on the ground, where it matters.

This is an historic moment to walk together with First Nations peoples towards a brighter future. StartGiving strongly supports a YES vote on the Voice to Parliament.

If you are still unsure as to how you will vote, here are some resources to help: